Creative Cravings... Wise Old Owl

Hello friends, and a very happy weekend to you! Today’s collection of creative cravings is all about wise old owls. Enjoy browsing through some awesome accessories, cool clothing, sweet softies, groovy games, and divine decor! My favourite pieces are the handmade owl bow ties. Happy shopping.

Handmade owls toys decor kids clothing




1. Chalk Owls Bow Tie | 2. Wooden Owl Saltcellar | 3. Owl Bookend & Glasses Holder
4. Huggable Owl Plush | 5. Handmade Owls Bow Tie | 6. Smarty Pants Shirt
7. Pink Owl Dish Towel | 8. Owl Pillow | 9. Wooden Owl Brooch
10. Oliver the Slightly Geeky Owl | 11. Mosa Boo Owl Puzzle | 12. Owl Leggings


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