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Michelle from Embellish’d is a master crafter when it comes to children’s accessories. Her current range includes hair ties, clips, bows, headbands, and hats (in all the colours of the rainbow) and today we’d like to share an insider look at Michelle’s creative business. Check out the interview below and be sure to stop by the Embellish’d store to check out the goods!

Embellish'd Handmade Hair Clips, Bows, Accessories

Embellish’d is…

Since having my daughter 5 years ago, I was always looking for accessories to go with her gorgeous wardrobe and found it hard to find that perfect little something that would make an outfit complete. That is until I discovered Embellish’d at a handmade market. I instantly fell in love, and when the business came up for sale 3 years ago, I knew it was something I would LOVE to do!

I am passionate about spreading the joy that I felt when opening up a parcel of Embellish’d goodies. Since taking over, I have expanded the range and when my little prince came along, I just had to create some little boys accessories too. The range is constantly growing and I can’t wait to get working on a few more product ideas!

Embellish'd Handmade Hair Clips, Headbands, Accessories

When I grew up I wanted to be a…

Forensic scientist and I completed two science degrees leading to completing that dream. But once I got there, I decided it wasn’t what I had imagined it would be, and I’m still looking for my dream job. I absolutely love my handmade business and would love to open my own family friendly café as well. Maybe some day I will work out the perfect way to combine both!

If I were a superhero, my super power would be…

The ability to live without sleep and keep going like an energiser bunny! There aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do! My mind is constantly thinking of new and exciting ideas that I want to try, but family commitments are always my number one priority. It takes me a while to find the time to do the things I want to, but I do get there eventually!

Embellish'd Handmade Hair Clips, Headbands, Accessories

When I look around my workspace I see…

Lots and lots of colour!! I have fabrics and ribbon everywhere and other materials as well. I am a bit of a fabric addict and can’t walk past a fabric store without buying more (lots, lots more!). I have a table filled with completed orders ready to go and my work table is always covered with things I’m working on, ideas I’m perfecting, and other bits and pieces the hoarder in me keeps for ‘just in case’! My workspace is beautiful organised chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My favourite material to work with is…

Liberty Of London Tana Lawn 100% Cotton. They are an absolute dream to work with and feel and look divine! With a beautiful range to choose from, I use a lot of the floral prints for my Liberty print headbands and Liberty snap clips.

Embellish'd Handmade Hair Clips, Headbands, Accessories

My design style is influenced by…

My children. I love to get colour inspiration from their (extensive!) wardrobes,  artwork they’ve created, or from places we go. I don’t really look at current trends, but rather what I like the look of, and I will only create products I would be happy to use on my own children. My daughter is always happy to be my critic and gives her honest opinion on my creations (and she definitely doesn’t hold back!).

The motto I live by is…

You will never know if you don’t give it a go. I always second guess myself and tend to over think things and it really is my wonderful husband’s encouragement and support that has made me take the leap of faith taking on a business with very little prior business experience. It is fantastic to see the business continue to grow and get stronger each year. I am very grateful for my supporters, fans, and stockists that continue to support my brand.

Three things that make me smile each day are…

Cuddles every morning in my bed with my two children, listening to them giggling together when they’re getting up to mischief or making each other laugh, and when it’s finally their bedtime and I know mummy free time is here!

Embellish'd Handmade Fedora Hats, Accessories

My idea of complete happiness is…

Winning the lotto and never having to worry about work or money or bills again and being able to buy as much fabric as my heart desires! Just joking! Complete happiness would be the ability to continue being a stay at home mum to my two beautiful children whilst continuing to grow my business, making it even bigger and more successful and just doing what I love!

If I were a cartoon character, I would be…

Doc McStuffins? I seem to be constantly using my sewing skills to fix my daughter’s well loved soft toys. I even found myself performing much needed surgery on the kinder’s teddy when it was our turn to mind him last week!


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Thanks so much for sharing Michelle, it was a pleasure getting to know you!


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