Indie Stylist - Aaliyah & Amikah

Hello friends, are you enjoying the long weekend? These two lovely little lasses are Aaliyah and Amikah: sisters, best friends, and daughters of our Indie Stylist Linda. You can find Linda on Instagram at @Teapillay to view more of her mini style. Have a wonderful day!

Stylish Kids Aaliyah, Lacey Lane


Aaliyah’s style…

  1. Beanie by Acorn Kids
  2. Blouse and skirt by Lacey Lane
  3. Knee high socks by Mini Nation
  4. Sandals by Target


Stylish Kids Amikah, Rock Your Baby


Amikah’s style…

  1. Hat and blazer by Bardot Junior
  2. Tutu dress by Rock Your Baby
  3. Knee high socks by Hubble and Duke
  4. Cat shoes by Mini Melissa


Thanks so much for sharing your style Linda!

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