Gifty Goodness... Ideas for Girls

Hello friends. Today’s Christmas gift guide is a celebration of all things sweet, pink, and lovely. It’s by no means exclusively for girls, in fact I know some boys who would love a few of these items! We’ve titled it a ‘girls’ gift guide, simply for ease of searching for ideas. Enjoy!

Christmas gift ideas for girls

Christmas gift ideas for girls & lovers of pink!

  1. Bloom Straw Hat
  2. Oishi-m Happy T Dress
  3. Mintchi Handmade Dino Softie
  4. Sketch Inc Princess Nesting Dolls
  5. Kitty Biscuit Dress
  6. Gunnar Florning Clowns Collection by Lucie Kaas
  7. Tiger Tribe Kit Pax Doll House
  8. Brickbag Lego Playmat
  9. Saltwater Sandals
  10. Maxomorra Sunflower Tee
  11. Giant Kewpie Doll
  12. Little Summer Girls Pyjamas
  13. La De Dah Jess Unicorn
  14. Curious Wonderland Cupcake Dress
  15. Alimrose Designs Esme Elephant
  16. Icecream Light
  17. Lil Fairy Door
  18. Vintage Recital Playsuit
  19. Dear Little Letterbox
  20. Happy as Larry Felt Ball Garland
  21. Kinderfeets Balance Bike


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