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Please allow me to introduce you to Karen from recently launched children’s bedding label Moonlit Sleep. Karen creates beautifully made 100% organic cotton sheets for cots and single beds, and today we’d like to share our review of her lovely collection. Karen has three styles available (for boys and girls) and we had heaps of fun testing out the Safari design.

Moonlit Sleep Baby and Children's Bedding, Cot Sheets

The Product Review

Let me start by saying, you can’t go wrong with elephants, rhinos, zebras, and lions!

The Moonlit Sleep Safari collection features a soft colour palette in grey and blue. The sheets are made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton, which in my opinion is a huge benefit when it comes to cot sheets. I also like the fact that Moonlit Sleep use eco-friendly dyes in all of their products, as you can rest assured that you’re creating a safe sleeping environment for your little ones.

Moonlit Sleep use a Sateen weave fabric, which has a lovely soft feel against the skin. It’s a medium weight, which makes it light enough to use through the summer months, but also gives you the confidence that these sheets will last through oodles of washes.

Lastly, I thought I’d mention that these sheets are made to fit Australian & UK Standard Cots, USA Standard Cribs, as well as Boori Cots (Fitted Sheet 77 x 135 x 20cm). The size is a bit larger than my other fitted sheets, and as a result I was able to get this sheet to fit comfortably around the edges. In the past I have had trouble with fitted sheets barely covering the side of the cot, so I was very pleased with the fit of the Moonlit Sleep range. *Note: the Safari design is also available to fit a single bed.

The verdict… a safe and stylish sleep solution!

Moonlit Sleep Baby and Children's Bedding, Cot Sheets

The Indie Label

Karen was inspired to launch her label after her first child was born. She explains, “I was almost due and looking for organic cot sheets, and just couldn’t find any in a design I liked. I’d been working in the fashion industry for 15 years and was constantly seeing gorgeous prints on clothes and wanted to bring that into organic bed linen for kids. Bedding felt really exciting to design, as it’s basically a huge canvas begging for a great print design!”

After her initial idea, Karen invested a considerable amount of time in product development before her launch. She says, “I wanted Moonlit Sleep to be certified organic so our customers would have the guarantee that all parts of the process had been done ethically, sustainably and without the use of nasty, toxic chemicals. Coming from a fashion and textile background, I had very specific views on how the fabric should look and feel. I also had very high expectations of the quality. I wanted our Moonlit Sleep sheets to wash and wear so beautifully that they became coveted hand-me-downs, passed down between siblings, cousins and friends. So it was a long process and we finally launched our first collection early this year. I’m so incredibly proud of it!”

Moonlit Sleep Baby and Children's Bedding, Cot Sheets

The Creative Mind

Karen draws her inspiration from her every day life. For Moonlit Sleep’s first collection, the Doll Picnic print was inspired by Kokeshi dolls which are traditionally exchanged with little hand written messages stored within them as tokens of friendship. The Fairy Garden Floral print was inspired by Karen’s Nanna’s collection of 70’s retro floral sheets, which she loved sleeping in as a child. Lastly, the Safari print was inspired by David Attenborough’s Safari adventures that were on TV at the time!

In creating her range, Karen set out to make contemporary designs that would stand out against the traditional babyish prints available in the market. She says, “I also wanted them to have little details and real personality so they could be a feature in the room. If you look closely at our Doll Picnic or Fairy Garden design you will find tiny little love hearts throughout. In our Safari print you will notice that the animals have expressions on their faces”.

Moonlit Sleep Baby and Children's Bedding, Cot Sheets

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Karen, in her own words.

  1. I love the performing arts, particularly dance and musical theatre. I danced all through my childhood and into adulthood. I even taught littlies ballet and choreographed my favorite routine to Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. I still remember some of the steps and am humming the tune as I type! I married a man who works in the theatre. He wooed me with musical tickets, and still does, more than a decade later!

  2. I love vintage, from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. Particularly ceramics, glass wear, and of course fabrics and fashion. I have an ever-growing collection of “treasures” and my collection of West German ceramic pots will never be large enough for my liking. I’ve been searching for a blue toned one for years!

  3. I love making things, all kinds of things. I’m great on a sewing machine, having started making dolls clothes as a kid and then studying Fashion and Textile Design at university. These days though, I’m the fancy dress master, which greatly impresses my children. My eldest has the most amazing green metallic mermaid tail, which I quilted with scales. I’ve tried my hand at macramé and am contemplating making myself some hanging pots if I ever get the time! I enjoy knitting and dream of mastering crochet. One day I’d really LOVE to design a crochet blanket for Moonlit Sleep.

shop the collection

Moonlit Sleep create bedding to fit both cots and single beds. You can purchase the collection online, or visit Karen on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news.

Moonlit Sleep Baby and Children's Bedding, Cot Sheets


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