Gifty Goodness... Love & Kindness

Still on the hunt for some last minutes gifts? Today’s guide is all about giving thanks to family and friends who have shown us kindness throughout the year. Can you think of someone special who could do with a reminder of how much they mean to you? Send them some hugs and kisses! The perfect way to ring in a new year.

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Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Happy Thoughts…

  1. XOXO Wood Postcard by Cardtorial
  2. Vintage Garden Planter by The Spoon Flower
  3. HUG Necklace by Blamo
  4. Personalized Wood Block Set by Kraft and White
  5. Hugs & Kisses Porcelain Bangle by Mrs Peterson Pottery
  6. Cloud Mini Greeting Card by Colourscape Studios
  7. Wooden Robot by Davi Bot
  8. Hugs & Kisses Sterling Silver Necklace by Mini Metal
  9. XOXO Cushions by innocentTRIX
  10. Retro Pixel Chopping Board by Timber Arcadia
  11. XO Ceramic Owl by Claylicious
  12. Mini Heart Battery Operated Light by Love Stuck Homewares
  13. You Are So Loved Print by ShelleyHelyART
  14. Wooden Heart Cross Stitch Pendant by Christelle Marie
  15. XO Earrings by Core.
  16. Wicked Awesome Print by HÖMGRL
  17. Hugs and Kisses Digital Print by Billy & Scarlett
  18. XO Couple by Anita’s Peg Dolls
  19. Vintage Style Wooden XO by SEASTYLE
  20. Bamboo Laser Cut Geometric Heart by Momintz
  21. Thank You Cookie Mix by Pipster Plants


Special thanks to Brissie mum Amanda for collating this list.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a joy-filled new year!


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