Fabulous in Frugi… at Smiley Organics!

Our friends at Smiley Organics have added some lovely new winter goodies to their shelves and we were delighted to snap up a pair of Frugi pyjamas. We had a pair last year and have upsized, as we found them to be exceptionally soft and wonderful quality. They have held up well over many washes and wears, and through a wriggly sleeper who is an expert at midnight somersaults. This season there’s a bunch of bright colours, patterns, and stripes to choose from, all made from cosy organic cotton. We especially love the girls range with cuddly cows, kitties, and mice. Check out the full range here.

 Frugi organic children's clothing at Smiley Organics


>> Shop for Frugi organic children’s clothing at Smiley Organics


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