Behind the Scenes with Wise Willow Tree

Hello friends! Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing the lovely Leanne from Wise Willow Tree. Leanne creates a range of stylish and cheerful art and decor for kids and we’re proud to have a few of her pieces adorning our play space and bedroom. We’ve invited Leanne to give is a little peak into her creative mind and her creative space… enjoy!

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

About Wise Willow Tree…

Wise Willow Tree was established as a creative outlet during my maternity leave. I couldn’t find many prints which suited my style or theme for our son’s room so decided to create prints which moved away from your traditional themes. Inspired by all things Scandinavian + Minimalistic we continue to create décor to inspire a modern space for your little one.

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

When I look around my workspace I see…

Honestly, I’ll say organised chaos! I am normally surrounded and mostly buried by paint tins, products and packaging!

My design style is influenced by…

Scandinavian design. I’m a minimalist at heart (my nickname is Miss Monochrome), I love simple, clean designs with a hint of fun.

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

My favourite materials to work with are…

I enjoy working with different materials and am constantly trying out new materials. I’m currently working with paper, felt, wood, paint and acrylic.

The next handmade item I plan to make is…

Sssh it’s a secret! But my clue is… it’s inspired by the night sky. Don’t worry KID Independent followers will be the first to know when it’s released soon!

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

When I grew up I wanted to be a…

A teacher and then an Interior Designer.

And I actually became a…

Although not in those specific roles, I’ve ended up working in an administrative capacity for an Architectural firm and the Department of Education. I am now embarking on my dream of Interior Design!

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

If I were a superhero, my super power would be…

Just one?! If I had to pick one it would be to time travel. I would love the ability to go back in time and experience how the world lived, meet my ancestors and discover ancient places.

My go to song for singing Karaoke is…

Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi… gets me every time (my friends will never let me live this down!)

Wise Willow Tree Children's Art and Decor

Currently residing on my bedside table is…

Are a pile of interior magazines! Who doesn’t love adoring beautifully styled rooms, lush spaces, dreaming of exotic places and scrumptious food (which I’ll never get around to making!)

My idea of complete happiness is…

Being in an environment where I can create freely, to travel and discover the world, and have days where I get to lie in bed all day with a good book!


Visit Wise Willow Tree…

Online Store | Facebook | Instagram


Thank you so much for sharing Leanne, it was a pleasure getting to know you!




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