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My love affair with Melbourne label Oishi-m began a very long time ago, before I even had children of my own to dress! There was something about the quirky styling and amazing fabrics and patterns that instantly drew me in. Over the years, we’ve owned dozens upon dozens of Oishi-m garments, some that have been worn over and over again, some that have been handed down and passed around, and some that we’ve loved so much we’ve stashed them away for future siblings.

 Oishi-m Samples and Seconds Sale

In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering an online community of stylish mamas who also share my passion for Oishi-m. Today, on the eve of the famous Oishi-m Samples and Seconds Sale, amidst the excitement and anticipation, I asked these mamas to share a few happy snaps of their little poppet in their favourite Oishi-m outfits. It was like a trip down memory lane… so many lovely outfits… so many happy faces… so much Oishi-love! Thank you mamas, and thank you Oishi-m!

Oishi-m Children's Clothing


I love how Oishi-m pieces are all unique. Stacey D.

I love the flexibility to pair just about any piece together; and the comfort! Yasmin M.

I love that Oishi-m is Australian owned & the pieces are individual & versatile. Emma S.

I love that the belly bands help to keep my little one’s insulin pump tucked in safe. They also make him the most stylish kid around. Tilly E.

I love that they are Australian owned and so versatile. Plus, the longevity is definitely worth it. Annette W.


Oishi-m Children's Clothing


I love that it’s an Australian owned brand and that it’s something completely different in the market! Stacey G.

I buy Oishi-m because it’s amazing quality, suitable for any occasion and is so different to anything else available. I really appreciate that there’s no slogans or silly pictures on their range. Emma R.

I love how comfortable, robust and fun Oishi-m clothes are – perfect for lots of adventures! Katherine P.

It was the Japanese fabrics that drew me in! Absolutely stunning vintage Oishi-m. Marina A.

So durable, comfortable and funky! Love the unique and cool designs on my kids. Anne O.

I love that both of my kids fit in to the same size because of the tummy toastie and that it’s as beautiful from the back as the front. Tristyn H.


Oishi-m Children's Clothing


My love of Oishi-m is only about 3 years old, but I love how the individuality, bright colours, and odd fabrics put Oishi-m in a league of their own. All the pieces I have owned have washed up beautifully and they wear well too. Even Hubby has come around to the Oishi-m love. Emma S.

I love and buy Oishi-m because it washes well and because of its comfort factor. I first discovered Oishi-m at a market and had never seen anything like it in terms of kids clothes. Jovena W.

Love it because it’s warm, comfy, quirky, colourful, fun, and limited editions. Also, it can sometimes fit for two years! Anne W.

Tummy toasties are awesome! Oishi are the only shorts that stay up on my little man. The clothes are so versatile and comfortable. I just love the individual, funky style of Oishi-m! So do my kids. Sare L.

Oishi-m are as unique in style as our kids personalities. Sarah L.

I only found Oishi-m recently but am completely addicted! It’s the individuality, quality, bright colours and the happiness it brings to all of the Oishi-mums! Meagan M.


Oishi-m Children's Clothing


We love that Oishi-m is Australian owned, fun, bright, unique and durable. Kaitlyn D.

I love Oishi-m because it’s Australian owned, fun & funky, durable and totally different to anything else. Chelsea J.

We love the unique styles & designs and also love to support Aussie brands. It’s washes so well and we know were getting great value and great quality items each time. Del K.

We love Oishi-m for their awesome unique & funky designs. It always washes up great & is hard wearing which is a must with little mess makers! I was introduced to the brand about 2.5 years ago when my beautiful friend Stacey showed it to me & fell instantly in love. All 3 of my kids wear Oishi-m & for the younger 2 it makes up most of their wardrobe. Louise E.

My very dear friend Bethwyn got me a little obsessed with Oishi-m. My fav would have to be the tops & harems. Peta G.

I found Oishi-m 2 years ago courtesy of my friend Frances. I wish I’d known about it sooner for my oldest boy as he loves seeing what his siblings get in Oishi! Karen E.

I love the beautiful fabrics and detailing. Frances S.

We love Oishi’m’s colour and vibrancy – makes me smile seeing it on the kids! The designs at so unique and we always get noticed. Great to support Aussie Mums running an inspirational business! Lauren B.

We love how comfortable and funky the designs are, and how it always washes up well. We wear it everyday even to daycare. Megan S.


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