Behind the Scenes with Miyo from Oishi-m

Happy new release day! The Spring 16 collection from Torquay label Oishi-m has just dropped (right now… shop here!), and in celebration, we’ve invited Miyo Fallshaw, the business brains behind this amazing Australian label, to drop in and share a little peek inside her creative mind. Miyo is a mum of two who invests her heart and soul in to producing the beautiful garments that adorn our cheerful children (with the help of her amazing team).

Every season there’s something new to admire and adore, with limited edition loveliness that has inspired online fan groups and buy, sell, swap communities, and can also be seen on one of our favourite Australian TV shows (stylishing outfitting Nina’s daughter Zoe on Offspring). Happy reading!

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

My earliest memory of the Oishi-m brand is…

Fiona started Oishi-m just over 10 years ago upon the arrival of her daughter, Mila. I remember visiting Fi over at her house for cups of tea and seeing little Mila dressed in some of the early prototypes of Oishi-m. A short while later, my husband Andy’s best mate had a baby, so I encouraged him to head down to the local baby shop in Torquay (‘Melon Baby’) to get some of Fi’s beautiful creations for this new baby. He came home with a whole outfit. “I couldn’t decide which one to get, so I bought both the Shrug and the Skinny Jeans”.

There was something in this quirky little brand, Oishi-m. How does a 20-something male come back from being overwhelmed by how cute all the garments were, and buy more than what is just necessary to get a pressie? Soon after I joined forces with Fi to build and develop Oishi-m.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release, Miyo Fallshaw

The next chapter for Oishi-m means…

Since our early beginnings, things have evolved so much! We moved from off our dining room tables and into a shared office before we embarked on our retail store which now adjoins our office. The last few years have been a huge learning experience on running a business, managing growth, and the fine balance of work/life/family.

Fi moved on from Oishi-m earlier in the year and her last range designed is Summer 16. Whilst it was an end of an era, it has been an opportunity to reflect on the direction of the brand and business.The next chapter has us developing a bunch of new initiatives in the product side of things as well as a constant refinement on our delivery and brand. We really value balance in our life and the boutique, intimate experience of Oishi-m, so growing whilst maintaining the magic.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

Three things that make Oishi-m unique are…

  1. Our quirky styling – Our sometimes unconventional fusion of fabrics and colour combo’s are thrown together in a way that is somehow classic and independent of trends at the same time. Our styling doesn’t compromise comfort for look or practicality. The mix and match nature of our playful designs gives an air of boldness that children can totally pull off.

  2. The Limited Edition-ness – Our garments have been known to sell out within minutes and fetch crazy resell prices on the secondhand market. But once it’s gone, it’s gone. Our customers can know that they’re wearing a special little something that is fortunate enough to be shared with a handful of others. Whilst there is also disappointment from sold out’s, there’s also always something amazing coming around the corner.

  3. Playful Fun – each day at “work” we always manage to achieve a good belly laugh. We have colour in our lives and occasionally greet our Fed Ex Courier or Australia Post contractor with a ‘Ta Dahhhh!’. We can get caught up in numbers, analysis, sell-through reports and product review meetings, obsessing over how to keep improving our processes, but in between those moments we celebrate birthday’s with a song and a cake, make many cups of tea and go rollerskating or Karaoke-ing for team catchup’s. Our Oishi-m Team give the good vibes back out into the world creating a warm fuzzy glow around us.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

When I look around my workspace I see…

A remarkable team. We’re so fortunate to be based in Torquay which is not only a beautiful part of Australia (or the World!) but also a creative hub that have cultivated some great people resources from the local rag trade. Between us we hold over a century of experience from the Surf Industry. Whilst we also hold relevant work experience, we’re also at a time in our lives where we have families and value living life. In any given day we have made a zillion lunches, have swung in a kinder drop-off, school bus pick-ups and the occasional assembly to rush to all whilst juggling getting things done.

Three things most people don’t know about me are…

In the last few months I have learnt how to use a sewing machine – and since then I have managed to produce an apron, and 4 x Mickey Mouse Nighties for my daughters, sister and I! My shoddy workmanship is fast improving but wow, what a great appreciation for garment construction I now have.

Apparently when I’m stressed and on the phone at work – I start to frantically twirl my pen around my fingers. I have no idea where it comes from but one of our team mentioned that she can just look at me from the other side of the office and know that something heavy is going down because of the pen twirling!

When I grow up – I want to be a lego display builder. I love going to check out Lego conventions to people watch the geeks and also appreciating their amazing work. One day soon I’d love to go to Legoland in the US. Sometimes I have a little play once the kids are in bed. Making yet another tree house – my speciality.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

My go-to song for singing Karaoke is…

Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi – the inner bogan comes out! We did go Karaoke singing for a team dinner last year and it was a big chorus of us singing it as a team. Though the last time I went karaoke-ing we managed to really own “Let it go” as the only parents (yes both of us had a crack at it) of daughters I did feel that we had to deliver a performance that did Elsa justice.

The title of my autobiography would read…

“I am Miyo” – Growing up with a close extended family with a mix of cultures (Australian, British and Japanese) I was always a little different but loved the independence and confidence it gave me. We all lead such remarkable and amazing lives so an autobiography doesn’t seem justifiable as much as occasionally dropping insightful short stories or interviews here and there.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

If I could trade places with anyone in the world for one day it would be…

This is such a hard sentence to finish!  Anyone inspirational I’m not sure I can do their life’s work justice even in one day. On the flip side I don’t just want to switch places with someone just to slack off and be indulgent. I do think Melinda Gates is doing some amazing things with the Bill and Melinda Foundation and if I made a small fraction of the impact they have made I would be stoked.

Oishi-m Spring 16, 2016, New Release

My three most prized possessions (apart from my kids/family) are…

It’s funny thinking of this question, living in a somewhat rural area near the coast the threat of bushfire goes through my mind each summer and I think about which of my possessions matter and what is the contingency plan for them…

Phone – I read books from it, listen to podcasts, inspired by Pinterest and Instagram, giggle at Snapchat and love flicking through the photos from over the years.

Computer – I sound like like a crazy workaholic – probably because I am. Besides the work, it’s our photo albums and the internet and the connectedness of our world that spins me out. There is so much to learn from each other.

My Health – in our youth we can take our health for granted. As we grow older our mortality becomes more apparent. We only live this moment right now, just once. Are we making the most of it? Are we looking after our bodies and our health in order for our tomorrow. I love being active and I love good food. I also on the (very brief) occasion like a hot jam donut for breakfast.

My idea of complete happiness is…

A life well lived – not just at the end of one’s life. But to look at our lives at regular intervals and to know that we’ve overcome challenges, felt productive, achieved great things, lived in the moment, cherished time with our loved ones and had some great laughs.


Visit Oishi-m…

Online store | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat (Oishi-m)


Thank you so much for sharing Miyo, it was a pleasure getting to know you!



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