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I recently had stumbled across an amazing Australian children’s label called Oomph & Floss, and I thought to myself, WHY did I not know about these guys sooner? Their collection has a Scandi vibe and is all kinds of quirky and cheerful. My personal favourite is Rumba the hippo, and I must say, at $24.95 for a GOTS certified organic top, he’s every bit as affordable as he is awesome! Oh, and did I mention that KID independent readers receive free delivery? Simply enter the code FREESHIP4KID (ends 31 August, 2016).

Oomph & Floss Organic Children's Clothing

So, who is Oomph & Floss?

We asked founder & owner, Avanti Sachdeva, to share…

Before I tell you a bit about Oomph & Floss, I thought I might tell you a bit about me. I’m a mum to my gorgeous 2 and half year old girl and like most women in our industry she’s been the force and my inspiration behind creating Oomph & Floss. I come with a background in international marketing-communications having worked in the education sector for many years.


The world of boardrooms and office politics was no longer my cup of tea after I had my daughter and I wanted a much slower and more meaningful life, more time to connect with her, to read books to her, to explore the outdoors with her, to do something more rewarding and just be a happier person. I said my goodbyes to the world of 9 to 5 and decided to create something that would give me the balance I was looking for, that would give me complete creative freedom, and in the middle of it all, to find a way to give back to the country I come from, India.

Oomph & Floss Organic Children's Clothing

Our manufacturer comes from a lovely local family based in Tirupur in South India. All our clothing is certified organic and manufactured under fair trade conditions that come with the GOTS certification. I am currently manufacturing in very small volumes as I really want to take my time with growing this business.

Oomph & Floss Organic Children's Clothing

When my daughter was born, as any new mum, I went down the road of finding her the best (but most practical) organic clothing I could lay my hands on. There are plenty of brands that have established themselves well in the organic ‘baby and infant’ market. However, only a handful have successfully captured the equally growing waddler and toddler market in the same way. Most Australian organic cotton brands work with a risk-free colour palette – white, black, monochrome.

Don’t get me wrong, it is all pretty stuff, and I’ve bought heaps of it myself but there is something missing. Most organic clothing brands didn’t have the energy, vibrancy, attitude and oomph I was looking for in my daughter’s clothing – the very attributes that reflect the personality of a typical toddler. I’m hoping for O&F to fill that gap in some way.


My mission is to find a way to bring illustrations and details in nature into clothing just so that children feel surrounded and connected with raw beauty in nature. Our illustrations are not and will not be cute. We won’t be afraid to show children the muscle in a tiger’s legs and the strength of a hippo’s jaws but we’ll add a touch of quirkiness to it all.

Oomph & Floss Organic Children's Clothing


Thanks for sharing your story Avanti, it’s such a pleasure to meet you.


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