Small Business Hints and Tips

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The importance of keywords

When listing your items for sale, particularly on Etsy and Madeit, it’s helpful to add keywords to both your title and your product description. Why? Generally speaking, when shopping for kids products your customer will have a fairly clear idea of what they’re looking for.

Creative titles like “little chickadee dress” are cute, but are missing the keywords used in common searches. Such keywords include colour, fabric, style, features and embellishments. Including keywords on your website is also a crucial element in boosting your google ranking.

Correct… Pink winter pinafore dress, organic cotton designer fabric with owl felt applique
Incorrect… Little Miss Hoot Dress

Correct… Boys red and yellow superhero costume / cape with lightning bolt applique
Up Up and Away Cape

Developing a Media Kit

Be Prepared… Be Creative… Be Proud! You may be an independent business, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the big businesses a run for their money. Developing a media kit gives your business a professional edge, and is a must-have for promoting your products to the media.

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you have 5 products, or 50 products in your range; if you’ve made something awesome, then why not share it with the world? Editorial coverage is free coverage. It helps to build your brand, and of course, boost your sales… but it also just feels fabulous to see your name in print! It’s recognition for a job well done!

As your business grows, you may also consider wholesaling your designs to other stores. Your media kit will come in very handy for promoting your products to interested retailers.

Your media kit should include:

  • A bio, or some background info on your business {and the individuals involved}
  • A press release with details of new products, events etc {i.e. the reason you are sending out the media kit}
  • High resolution {print quality} images of your products
  • A Look Book containing images and specification of your products
  • Any recent/past press coverage

Cool product packaging and ideas

I’ll happily admit that I’m a sucker for design in all it’s incarnations, including product packaging. I love to shop at indie stores and I’m always surprised by the quirky and ingenious methods that sellers come up with to promote their wares. Some of them are so cool that I have them pinned to my inspiration board. Now that’s what I call marketing success…

When it comes to promoting your products, brand building is important even for micro businesses. This doesn’t mean that your packaging should be expensive or harmful to the environment. It’s just a reminder that when sending out your products you have the opportunity to further your relationship with your customer. Something as simple as a brown paper bag, an ink stamp and a piece of twine can be an attention grabber. Postcards sporting cool images are another great idea, these are the kind of things that end up on noticeboards and fridges. It’s not how much it costs, it’s how creative you can be!

Cool Brown Paper Packaging Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you might enjoy a visit to the die line a blog dedicated to the latest in cool packaging design. You might also like to try your hand at some magic with brown paper. Here’s an example of how cool a hand stamped bag {image courtesy of Cotton Candy Friends} or a hand stitched bag {image courtesy of Mushy} can look with minimal cost.

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