Fresh Baked Friday... Meet Julia Wine!

Julia Wine resides in Kiev and creates adorable creatures in the form of pillows, coasters, toys, place mats and various other home wares and accessories. I recently added half a dozen little goodies to my favourites list and thought I’d share the love far and wide. If any of these sweet treats take your fancy, be sure to join Julia Wine on Facebook to score a 5% discount.

Julia Wine, Homemade homewares, pillows, coasters, toys, placemats, magnets, cats, rabbits

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Fresh Baked Friday - Redurchin London Taxi!

Happy Friday folks, are you ready for a fun-filled weekend? In fresh news today, our friends at redurchin have just launched their new London Taxi print, with 50p from every item sold before September going to the 2013 Magical Taxi Tour. This print joins their super cool Moro dress as part of the UK spring summer season.

Redurchin organic cotton baby and kids clothing

What is the Magical Taxi Tour?
Every year the charity takes over 200 children from Great Ormond Street and other London hospitals to Disneyland Paris, for a three day trip, in a convoy of black taxis.  It is a treat that will stay with them for the rest of their sometimes short lives.

Redurchin organic cotton baby and kids clothing

Redurchin organic cotton baby and kids clothing

Redurchin kids clothing is made from supersoft organic cotton and no itchy labels, the London Taxi print is available on tops, tees and babywear.

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Fresh Baked Friday... View to the Weekend

Do you remember the iconic View-Master stereoscope toys that were released in the early 60s? I wasn’t around then, but the one I owned was an 80s model that came with a bunch of Disney stories. It’s a piece of nostalgia that most of us remember from our younger years… so today’s theme is an ode to the oldies!

Vintage View Master, Viewmasters, Art, T-shirts

  1. Retro Viewmaster Art Print
  2. Owl-Master by Terry Fan
  3. Polar Bear Viewmaster T-shirt
  4. Recycled View-Master Robot Sculpture
  5. Style Master Print
  6. Custom View Master Style Reels Made From Your Photos
  7. View Master Clock
  8. View-tastic Valentine Card
  9. View Master Makes Pictures Come To Life
  10. Vintage Gaf View Master
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Fresh Baked Friday - Big Bird's Boutique

These lovely play wings are created by Anna from Big Bird’s Boutique in England. I quite adore the vibrant hues and pretty patterns. In all honesty, I kind of wish I could get a pair for myself and fly around the backyard when no one’s looking! Anna ships worldwide with a 5 December Christmas delivery cut-off for Australia and New Zealand. Happy Friday!

Handmade Children's Play Wings, Costume

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