Happy Snaps! Keep on smiling...

This feature is the first in a series of posts called “happy snaps” where we invite a mum, a photographer or a friend {or all three} to send in some of their favourite kids photos. It’s all about putting smiles on faces and appreciating the character and personalities of little people and their mama’s + papa’s.

Happy Snaps - Cute Kids

So who’s on the wall of fame today? Bree Johnson {Breeze photography} is a lifestyle photographer who specialises in natural light, on-location photography. She takes pleasure in capturing the bond between families, those first precious days with a newborn, the amazing glow of pregnancy and those silly and goofy faces from little ones.

Kids photos by Bree from Breeze Designs

Bree introduces us to the stars…

Sharon & her 3 year old daughter Mia in a Maternity Photo Session. I really wanted to portray Sharon’s soft and beautiful personality in these photos, so I choose a nature location with natural lighting to give Sharon her gorgeous glow.  Mia provided me with so many goofy faces that I was so lucky to capture on camera. She will be a fantastic big sister. Sharon is due in 3 weeks time and I cannot wait to meet her little munchkin.

Happy Snaps - Child photographer Breeze Designs

Addison (daughter of Keeley – Owner of Savvy Mama) in a Family Photo Session. Addison (in red + blue dress) had such a big personality and is a natural in front of the camera.  As her mum put it, “her beautiful big eyes and gorgeous creamy skin just makes you want to eat the picture.”  Addison was so cheeky throughout the photo session that this one picture really captured her purity and sparkling personality when she is not being adorably cheeky.

Talon (my son). Within 10 seconds Talon pulls 10 different funny and crazy faces and I want to capture all of them. He is not certainly not camera shy and shows his charismatic personality to every one that sees him.  I love capturing his beautiful big blue eyes and just letting everyone know that I do not touch his eyes in photoshop.  They are really that blue!  He is an extremely independent, determined little man that I am so proud of.

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