Oddball Alphabet - Fabulously French!

Bonjour! For my first post of working week, I’ve decided to revive one of my old favourites, Oddball Alphabet! I’ve given it a little bit of a twist this month, and an educational flavour for those of you with a penchant for languages. Browse your way through a bunch of handmade delights, and pick up a little bit of French along the way!

French Art Print and Handmade Cat Softie

Superhero Kids T-shirt and Handmade Doll

Handmade Boy Brooch and Belle & Boo Wall Decals

Handmade Childrens Shoes and Girls Circus Dress

Handmade Knitted Womens Scarf and Bird Wall Stickers

Handmade Girls Cloche Hat and Mouse Art Doll

Fabulously French!

Fabulously French – Paris Art Print by Sarah Jane Studios

A Cat – Kitten Softie Art Doll by Must Have Been The Cat!

A Superhero – Super Hero & Tie Print Tee by Kawaii Kids

A Doll – Violeta Handmade Doll by Kase-Faz

A Bow Tie – Boy Brooch by Handmade Romance

A Rabbit – Belle Hugs Boo Mini Wall Decal by Chocovenyl

Shoes – Handmade Leather Children’s Shoes by Pici Papucs

A Circus – Under The Big Top Dress by Little Ticket

A Scarf – Knitted Scarf in Yellow Wool by Sheeps Clothing

A Bird – Tweet Tweet Bird Wall Stickers by 41 Orchard

A Hat – Kids Roaring 20’s Wool Cloche Hat by Little Poppett

A Mouse – Lewis the Mouse Doll by Ghislane

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Oddball Alphabet... Oxymoron Mania!

Happy Monday Folks! It’s been quite some time since I’ve indulged myself in an oddball alphabet feature, so today I thought engage your grammatical senses in some oxymoronic mania! I hope it gives you a few smiles and couple of giggles. I certainly had a super fun time compiling it!

Doctor and Boxing Girl Art Prints

Fruit Tart Necklace and Upside Down Art Print

Bunny Dream Art Print and Caravan Money Box

Cat Among Birds Art Print and Vintage Microphone Sculpture

Johnny Rotten Pin and Mime Lego Man Print

Melting Ice Block Art Print and Charlie Brown Pins

Buzz Lightyear Softie and Zombie Monkey Art Print

Black Cat Art Photo and Star Trek Pinback Button

Oxymoron Mania!

Ill Health – Get Well Soon Card by Paper Bow Studio
Light Weight – Stings like a Honey Bee Print by Pinky Toast
Sweet Tart – Citrus Berry Tart Charm by Janet Saw
Upside Down – U is for Upside Down Print by Derek Sullivan
Hopelessly Optimistic – Dare to Dream Print by Doodling a Smile
Mobile Home – Hippie Flower Trailer Bank by RpfeikGraphics
Mild Enthusiasm – The Cat and the Canaries Print by Matou en Peluche
Live Recording – Vintage Microphone Sculpture Art by Metaline
Anarchy Rules – Johnny Rotten Pin by Funcky Love Designs
Act Naturally – A Mime’s Life Print by Garth Payne
Melted Ice – Popsicle Girl Print by Nootles
Good Grief – Charlie Brown Pin by Made by Gwen
Strangely Familiar – Spaceman Plushie by Saint Angel Productions
Living Dead – Limited Edition Zombie Monkey by Monkey Chow
Bad Luck – Black Cat in Glasses Print by Instantt
Science Fiction – Star Trek Button by Button Betties

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Oddball Alphabet... Tongue Twisters!

Today’s tantalising tomfoolery is a wordy collection of cackle-worthy creations that’ll have your tongue in a proverbial twist! Try repeating these little suckers swiftly! It’ll set your head in a spin… olly idly ogled the oddball alphabet optimistically!

Handmade Lamb Beanie and Sheep Softie

Bubblegum Art Prints

Womens Slippers and Baby Booties

Amigurumi Frog and Handmade Frog Softie

Pear Softie and Pear Print Childrens Dress

Clown Art Print and Handmade Felt Birthday Crown

Needle Felted Black Bear and Grizzly Bear Art Print

Tongue Twisters!

The sixth sick sheik’s sixth silly sheep.

Double bubble gum, bubbles double.

Slick slim slippers sliding south slowly.

Five friendly frogs frolicked through the fields.

Picky people prefer pears with pretty pockets.

Clowns grow glowing crowns.

The big brown bear is the big black bear’s buddy.

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Oddball Alphabet... Pardon the Pun!

The pun is famous for being the world’s cheesiest form of humour. If it were a song, it would be written by Rick Astley. If it were a person, it would be David Hasselhoff. If it were a garment, it would be leg warmers. If it were a dance, it would be the hammer step. You get the point…

Amigurumi Chicken Pin Cushion

Mimobot USB Drive

Fish Knitted Kids Beanie Hat

Handmade Kids Apron

Handmade Coffee Cosy

Panda Art Print

Wool Upcycled Slippers / Baby Booties

Grease Monkey Coveralls by Knuckleheads Clothing

The Empty Boy Print by Aldo Jeffrey

Wooden Doctor Play Set by Soopsori

Pardon the Pun
Tailor – Amigurumi Yellow Chicken Pincushion by Minibytes
Computer Salesman – Buddy Chub Rainbow USB by Mimobot
Fisherman – Fun Fishy Friends Hat by Snuggle Bug Kidz
Baker – Child’s Apron by Tin Liz Aprons
Starbucks – Reusable Cup Cozy by Laura Bucci
Juice Factory – Pandas Don’t Like To Share Print by LUCIUSart
Shoe Salesman – Wool Upcycled Slippers by Wooly Baby
Muffler Factory – Grease Monkey Coveralls by Knuckleheads Clothing
Transplant Surgeon – The Empty Boy Print by Aldo Jeffrey
Doctor – Wooden Doctor Play Set by Soopsori

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