Oddball Alphabet... Absolutely Boggled!

Ladies and Gentleman {said in my best Tony Barber impersonation}… Are you ready to play Absolutely Boggled? This week’s word is “KID independent” and the goal is to make as many words from the letters as possible. Want to join in the fun? Tell us your words in the comment section below!

Able and Game Greeting Card

Modern Cloth Nappy and Kids T-shirt

Baking Print and Knitting Illustration

Pink Striped TeePee and Kite Collage

Barbie and Ken Print and Canned Kids Sculpture

Little Golden Book and Bowling Cupcake Kit

Swimming Girl and Mother and Child Art Prints

Absolutely Boggled!

Kind Indeed – Love Card by Able and Game
Didn’t Pee – Modern Cloth Nappies by MiniLala
Intended Kid – All About Me T-shirt by AmStudio
Tend Pie – Recipe for Love Print by Little Mo and Friends
Did Knit – Knitting Babushka Print by Tascha
Pink Tent – Pink Teepee by An Angel at My Table
Pine Kite – Original Kite Collage by Cabin + Cub
Net Ken – To Boldly Go Barbie Print by Nicole Hall
Keep Tinned – Tuna Can Kids by Matte Stephens
Dented Pinkie – Doctor Dan The Bandage Man Book from Vintage Vice
Ten Pinned – Bowling Cupcake Kit by Little Monster Hugs
Kid in Deep – Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Print by Dollface Lala
Need Kin – You are Loved Art Print by Lisa Ferrante

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Oddball Alphabet... The Letter Z

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah my fabulous friends, it’s the very last letter of the Oddball Alphabet! Zany letter Z likes to zip through the zoo, laughing at zebras and chasing kangaroos. Often over zealous and occasionally zippy, he’s an expert at Zumba and a bit of a hippy…

The Letter Z - Robot Zipper Pouch Softie

Zeppelinist Steampunk Print and Zombie Doll

Handmade Zig Zag Dress and Kids Buddha T-shirt

Retro Tin Toy Ray Gun and Frank Zappa Art

Animal Finger Puppets and Handmade Lemon Dress

Zeitgeist Art Print and Humorous Bridal Shower Invitations

Aquarius Art Print and Witty Pinback Button

The Letter Z

Zipper – Hot Pink Secret Robot by Design Lab 443
Zeppelin – The Zeppelinist Mixed Media Steampunk Print by Galerie De Illuminata
Zombie – Handmade Monster Doll by Them Dollz
Zig Zag – Elephant Dress by Bitty Bambu
Zen – Happy Buddha Kids T-shirt by Ape Snort
Zap – Mars Patrol Space Blaster Raygun from Tin Toy Arcade
Zappa – Frank Zappa Pop Art by Bao Studio
Zoology – Felt Zoo Friends Finger Puppet Pattern by Floral Blossom
Zesty – Lemon Print Dress by FaithWorks4U
Zeitgeist – There Is Much To Be Done Print by Nan Lawson
Zygote – Egg and Sperm Baby Shower Invitation by Wit & Whistle
Zodiac – Aquarius Art Print by Krize Smilins Shop
Zinger – I’m not into push-overs Button by Beanforest

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Oddball Alphabet - The Letter Y

Yippee, it’s Monday again and you know what that means… time for our second last letter of the Oddball Alphabet! Wacky letter Y is a youthful fellow, he’s an expert at yoga and dresses in yellow. He demolishes yams for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ’cause they’re yummy you see and they make him look thinner!

The Letter Y - Yeti Sketchbook

Yelling Bunny and Yenta Art Prints

Handmade Wooden Yoyo and Horse Art Print

Yoga Art Print and Yoda Card

The Flintstones Button Set and Vintage Yappy Dog Toy

Austrian Yodelling Flipbook and Vintage Fisher Price Toy

Cowardly Lion Pendant and Yawning Ferret Print

The Letter Y

Yeti – Sketchbook by Kassandra Heller
Yell – Say What? Art Print by The DAD Project
Yenta – Handmade Vintage Illustration Notecard by PorkyPieDesigns
Yoyo – Cross My Heart Yoyo by Something’s Hiding in Here
Yearling – Fancy Prancy Pony-Who Hoo Series by Kate Endle Collage
Yoga – Print for Yoga Lovers by Art by Kellie
Yoda – Yoda Note Card by dbPhoto
Yabba-Dabba Doo – The Flintstones Button Set by The Button Gallery
Yap – Vintage Yapping Dog Toy by Hobart Collectibles
Yodel – Austrian Dude Flipbook by Alla Kinda
Yardmaster – Vintage Fisher Price Conductor by Green Cricket
Yellow-bellied – Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion Pendant by Spiffy! Cool!
Yawn – Yawning Ferret Print by & OURS

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Oddball Alphabet... The Letter X

Happy Monday friends, and welcome to our most challenging Oddball Alphabet feature yet! Tricky old X is a complicated fellow. He’s strong, and serious and rarely mellow. He’s a lover of language, and some call him snobby. Learning big words is his favourite hobby! As this week’s post is particularly perplexing, I’ve included definitions of each word at the end of the post.

Handmade Yellow Monster Plushie

Kids Pirate Art Print and Vintage Xylophone Book

Vintage Kids Sewing Pattern and Alien Art Print

X-Men Cufflinks and X-Ray Specs Glasses

Paris or Bust and Cactus Art Prints

Numbers Poster and Owl Art Print

Xena Warrior Princess Plushie and Cat Art Print

The Letter X

Xanthochromatic – Yellow Plush Monster by Muncle Fred ART

Xiphoid – Johnny the Pirate Art Print by Tamsyn Larissa

Xylophone – Vintage Children’s Book by NachoKitty
A musical instrument.

Xanadu – Vintage Simplicity Jumpsuit Pattern by Luckiest Girl
A 1980’s Musical Film that celebrates the humble Roller Disco.

Xenomorph – Xenomatryoshka Original Art by Spitecho
Name invented for the extraterrestrial creatures in the film Aliens.

X-Men – Wolverine Super Hero Cufflinks by QA CREATE
A superhero team created by Marvel Comics.

X-ray Vision – 1950’s X-Ray Gogs Novelty Glasses at Tin Toy Arcade
An electromagnetic wave of which is able to pass through many materials.

Xenophile – Paris or Bust Art Photo by Simply Hue
An individual who is attracted to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures.

Xerophile – Sometimes I Dress Like A Cactus Art Print by Noosed Kitty
A Plant adapted to a very dry climate or habitat.

X – Mister Numbers Print by Sugarfresh
Roman numeral: A group or unit of ten people or things.

Xylem – Retro Owls in Tree Art Print by Lee Arthaus
The woody element in the stem of a plant.

Xena – Warrior Plushie by Leloi (unfortunately not for sale)
Xena, a Warrior Princess.

Xerox – Photocopy Print of Cat by An Art Chaosmos
A xerographic copying process.

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