What does your logo say about you?

If you’re starting out in small business {or growing an existing one} it’s very important to think about how you present yourself and your brand to the public {your potential customers}. Developing a brand can be confusing if you’re new to the business world, so this week we have invited Andrea from Design and PR Girl to talk to us about logo development.

Illustration by Design and PR GirlSay WHAT? I hear you say…

Let’s begin by understanding what a logo is all about…

A logo is a symbol or small distinctive design that is adopted by a business, a person or an organisation, to identify itself or to assist in the promotion of ones product/s to others.

Logos are created for the purpose of catching a consumer eye and their needs. It must ooze creative style, be unique and imaginative.  You want others to say “Gee – why didn’t I think of that?” or “That’s so simple I could have done it!”.

A logo design has simple and clever design qualities which are easily understood and hopefully will always be remembered!

Logos can also portray to consumers that the business possesses the latest and greatest products and services available on the market today. They assist in the promotion of a product and give the consumer a feeling of a certain style or value.

So… What does your logo SAY ABOUT YOU?

The main reason a logo is created is to represent what your business is all about. If it’s not eye catching, then it’s not seen. If it’s not clear and understandable, then it won’t be remembered. What you do or sell must be portrayed in a visually appealing and easy to understand design.  If you don’t have a bricks and mortar store then your logo has to work as your shop front. Communicating who you are and what you sell needs to be understood through a great logo design… so your logo needs to work hard for you!

Looks ARE everything!

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your logo or business image.  In a competitive world, your logo needs to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.  One of these ways to is to have a unique logo design created and in doing so, it will play a huge role in your business success.

Logo Design for Small Business

What’s your STYLE?

There are many different logo styles so you need to choose a style that is right for the products you offer. These include:

  • Boutique
  • Corporate
  • Illustrative
  • Text
  • Symbols
  • Shapes

Your logo should have meaning which sends a message to others letting them know what your business product represents.
For example:

  • Value for money or designer high end
  • A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories
  • A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele – boutique

Why is a logo so IMPORTANT?

Are you a small business or just starting out? Does anyone know or have they heard about you? Do you feel like you are standing in front of millions of people and no one seems to take any notice of who you are and what you sell?

First things first, step back and critique yourself. See how you are being viewed by others. If your logo doesn’t say anything about what you do or are trying to sell, then it’s not doing it’s job!

Logo Design for Small Business

What MAKES a logo?

There are five important elements in the creation of a logo to ensure it will not only be remembered, will be used to its full potential.

  1. It’s describable
  2. It’s memorable… If you can’t describe what a logo looks like then how will you be able to remember it?
  3. It’s effective without colour… If it doesn’t work in black only, no amount of colour will rescue it.
  4. It’s scalable… It needs to work across a range of mediums. From the smallest of stickers to a large display banner.
  5. It’s appropriate… It’s designed for the business it identifies and is different from closely associated competitors.

Get the LOOK!

The best way to obtain a logo design suited for your business is to get in touch with a professional designer; a graphic artist. Whether they are a freelancer or an agency, they will design a specific logo for your business needs.

With their graphic arts industry experience and keen eye for detail, they will have the ‘know how’ to create a design that is tailored to your every need.  All you will need to do is provide them with a brief outline of what your business is about and what you would like to achieve.

Designers use images, typography or motion graphics to create a unique design.

AND Last but not least…

Remember the saying… “A picture is worth a thousand words?”… This also applies to your business logo! So get the right design and your business will soar!

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