Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...

Kookaburras are my favourite bird, so jovial, so cheeky, so majestic. Of course, I also love Australian animals such as the Koala and the Wombat, and always wished that I had one living in my backyard (Country Practice style). With that in mind, today’s feature is a celebration of Aussie animals in art, […]

Fairy Tale Fantasies by Marinkel

French artist Marinkel has been on my radar since the release of her 2010 calendar “Courageous Charlotte”. I recently stopped by her Etsy store and was once again enchanted by little Charlotte and her exciting adventures. Join her as she travels through a magical dreamscape, meeting majestic […]

What if pigs COULD fly?

Yesterday I shared a selection of little kidlets with sky high dreams. Today we take a little look at what the world would be like if mammals aimed for the clouds. After all, they have big dreams and active imaginations too! My favourite of our flying friends is the angel winged Boston Terrier. […]

Adoring... The Animal Print Shop

I simply adore animals, of every single species… giant giraffes, itty bitty squirrels, cheeky monkeys, darling deers, precious puppy dogs and even the gang of hoodlum possums that live on my tin roof and engage in what I can only assume is some kind of Possum World Wrestling in the wee hours of […]