Sweet Sunday... Personalised Rolling Pins!

Are you baker? I dabble in the odd batch of cookies here or there, particularly around the holidays. Today I’m admiring this selection of embossing rolling pins from Valek in Poland. You can customise your pin with your name, or other text, or choose from a selection of ready made […]

Simply Scrumptious Santa Snacks

Ho Ho Happy Christmas Eve! We’re counting down the minutes until the big guy’s grand arrival and have been discussing all sorts of technical details, such as how Santa’s Sleigh can fly all around the world in one night, whether he dresses in the same outfit everyday (even in July) and how he […]

Smiley Sunday... Handcrafted Cookies!

This morning as I was wandering around the web, I stumbled across something that tickled my fancy, and my taste buds! These handcrafted creations by Sandra Arteaga are not your average cookies. They’re a true work of art. Whimsical, oddly cute and just a little bit crazy… they come in […]

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

Tomorrow is Valentines Day so today I thought I’d share a little bit of heart-filled inspiration that you might like to use to spoil your sweetie. Don’t have a sweetie in your life at the moment? Then spoil yourself! After all, you work hard, you’re important, you have a beautiful smile, you’re loveable, […]