Designer of the Week - Dinosnores

Good morning folks! Today’s Designer of the Week is someone who has been gracing my dreams for the past few months through the power of guided relaxation and meditation. Dinosnores is a small Australian based company made up of experienced childcare professionals, child language development experts, and parents; and today […]

GIVEAWAY - Little Children Big Dreams

How does bedtime go at your place each night? Is it all snuggles and smiles as your little angel quietly drifts off to sleep? Or does the fear start to kick in when the sun goes down, the house goes quiet, and the floorboards start to creak? Today we welcome Australian Child Psychiatrist, […]

Giveaway + Review, Dinosnores Sleepy Stories

In today’s fast paced world, the ability to slow down into a calm and relaxed state is a skill that is extremely useful for adults, and even more so for kids. I was first introduced to the concept of guided relaxation many years ago during a drama workshop, and today I’d like to […]