Hand painted bicycle bells by Beep Bells

From the delightful desk of Beep Bells comes this fabulous fun range of hand painted bicycle bells. Measuring approx. 58mm in diameter, Beep Bells are made with a longer, raised clasp to ensure an unfettered and cheerful ring, along with longer chrome-plated screws to accommodate all round handlebar diameters. These […]

Hilarious Heads - Wicked Kids Helmets!

Some of my fondest childhood memories include hurtling down a hill at break-neck speed, hanging on for dear life as the speed wobbles set in as images of gravel-rash and handle-bar acrobatics flashed before my eyes, good times! Owning a bike is right of passage for kids, and learning to ride one is […]

Ridin' along on my pushbike, honey...

If you love to spend lazy Sunday afternoons cruising down the garden path on your trusty treadly, then this is the post for you. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time I pulled my bike out of the cobwebs and took it for a spin so I’ve been hunting for some bike candy […]