Music review - It's not fair to me!

Hey folks, today I’d like to share a new album from whimsical singer songwriters Bill Harley and Keith Munslow. Their new album is called “It’s not fair to me” and features ten fun tracks that might strike you as scarily similar to a conversation you’ve heard between your very own […]

HIGH DIVE + Other Things That Could Have Happened

Happy Monday! I’m in the mood for some silly stories and tall tales, and I couldn’t think of a better man for the job than the great Bill Harley. His new album is called HIGH DIVE and Other Things That Could Have Happened and it’s filled with stories that are […]

How I Wrote “Echo” by Bill Harley

Bill Harley has won two Grammy nominations and numerous awards for his storytelling and music. He’ll be releasing his next CD, High Dive and Other Things That Could Have Happened in February 2012. Today he’s here to tell us the story behind his song “Echo” from Down […]