World T-shirt Tour - Sugar Plum Tree

Day twenty-nine… join me on a journey to the deep blue sea! Introducing the “Whale” tee by Nic and Sam at Sugar Plum Tree. This particular cutie was a custom order for a very special birthday boy. Sugar Plum Tree can make your tee with any name and age.

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World T-shirt Tour - Mm is for me

Day twenty-seven… we got your number, baby! Introducing the “Number” tee from the fabulous Ashleigh at Mm is for me. Perfect for a birthday gift, this tee is available in a selection of colours and designs from bold primary colours for boys, to sweet pinks with puffed sleeves for girls.

Happiest Cake on Earth... Rainbow Doodle!

It’s not hard to get excited over cake. It’s generally delicious and filled with all sorts of fabulous naughtiness. However, this Rainbow Doodle Cake from Sweetapolita takes cake envy to a whole new level. Can you imagine serving this up at a child’s birthday party? I would imagine it would […]