My Collections... Missy from Boopsie Daisy

Hello friends! Oh boy, do I have a treat for you today! The lovely Missy Munday from Boopsie Daisy is here to share one of her vintage collections. About 3 years ago, I started a treasured little collection of squeak dolls by Ruth E. Newman along with some Kewpies and […]

Creative Cravings... Luscious Lollipops!

Call my baby lollipop… Tell you why. His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie! And when he does his shaky rockin’ dance. Then, I haven’t got a chance. I call him… Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli.  Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli, lollipop!

Creative Cravings... Mermaid Monday!

“When you have reached your fifteenth year,” said the grand-mother, “you will have permission to rise up out of the sea, to sit on the rocks in the moonlight, while the great ships are sailing by; and then you will see both forests and towns.”

Many nights she stood […]

Waking up in Candyland...

I first discovered Boopsie Daisy a year or so ago while perusing a series of kewpie doll photos on Flickr… it was love at first sight! This month on I’m a mission to add some colour and quirkiness to my work space and decided to visit the