Day 26 - Brusselsprouts Pink Avery Dress

Colour lovers rejoice! This splendid dress fromĀ Brusselsprouts is made by Victoria, a mum of two boys aged 4 & 5, from the mining town of Kalgoorlie. Victoria initially started sewing for her eldest son & enjoyed it so much that she began sewing for girls too. She loves scouring the […]

A day in the park... with Brusselsprouts!

Good morning handmade hunters. Keeping good with my promise on Sunday, I have another spring serving of handmade goodness for you. It’s so exciting to see the indie designers giving the big labels a run for their money in the style stakes. Today’s heavenly handmade kids clothes are from the new season collection […]

Mmm, delicious brusselsprouts!

Just like it’s namesake, the Brusselsprouts winter collection is packed full of homegrown goodness. The rich colourways of plum, stone, denim and ruby combined with chunky retro prints make for fashion-forward outfits + cosy winter styles. […]