Designer of the Week - Yellow House Knits

Hello folks! It’s 7am here in Brisbane, and as I type this post I can feel my fingers slowly turning into little icicles from the winter chill… Given our reputation for mild winter days, I can only imagine how the rest of the southern hemisphere is coping! With that in mind, I’d like […]

Sublime Sunday... Wood & Wool Wee Wear!

Oh my goodness, these handmade baby cardigans are Precious with a capital P! The colours… the patterns… the button closures… the chunky knits… the silhouettes… beautiful, just beautiful. Wood & Wool Wee Wear is knitted in The Netherlands… and is to be adored.

Sublime Sunday... Knitsie Bitsie!

You may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit mad for knits this weekend. There’s just something a little bit irresistible and heartwarming about them, especially when they’re lovingly handmade for keeping little folk all rugged up for winter. Today’s showcase is from Knitsie Bitsie and is made from lovely […]

Designer of the Week - Kriksis

As I type this feature today to introduce our lovely designer of the week, Kriksis from Latvia, I take great comfort in the cosiness of Kristine’s creations. The winter chill has just started to set in and this month I’m all about the knits! The Kriksis collection includes beautiful knitted […]