Amazing wooden toys to adore...

This morning I cheerfully added the “Robur” dump trunk to our Christmas wish list. Not only is this an amazing feature piece for a child’s bedroom, it is big and tough enough to carry rocks, dirt, and toddlers! Robur is handmade in Czech Republic by Wood For Kids using sustainable […]

Random Coolness... Eco Wheels!

There’s something extra special about handmade wooden toys. Not only are they durable, unique, and super fun for kids, they’re also an expression of the craft and talent of their maker. Today’s selection of wooden cars and trucks are from some of my favourite Etsy sellers. It’s tough to pick a favourite… so […]

GIVEAWAY + Review... ZOOB Construction Kits!

Here in the KID household, we’re extremely fond of toys that give little brains a workout. This moving, mind-building modelling system from ZOOB is perfect for the job! ZOOB has 5 different pieces that can be snapped together in 20 different ways; encouraging kids to learn, explore & create using […]

Smiley Saturday - Sweet Rides by Formfreud

Hooray for the weekend! Today I’d like to share these sweet rides by Formfreud. Each car is made from laminated birch ply-wood with recyclable rubber wheels. I seriously dig the cartoon-style paint jobs. They’re perfect for playing on carpet are and available in Australia through Big Dreams. […]