Handmade Ceramics by Adele Maggie

If you’re looking for some storage idea for your trinkets and treasures, you might like this range from Queensland artist Adele Maggie. This collection is handmade and hand painted, with professional finishing and a fabulous colour palette! Check out the full range here.

Vintage Inspired Ceramics from Lazybones

I spied these lovely ceramics at Lazybones this week, featuring beautiful blooms and heavenly hues. The collection is made from earthenware and is affordable, made to last, and microwave and dishwasher safe. My favourite pattern is ‘sprig’ – check out the full range of vintage inspired sweetness

Kitty Ceramics by Bonnie Hislop

Bonnie Hislop is a Brisbane based designer with a whimsical and slightly kitsch aesthetic. One of Bonnie’s most delightful creative projects is this line of cat bowls / planters. Bonnie will be releasing her newest range tomorrow night in her store (Tuesday 25 August at 7pm). Put it in your […]

Ceramic Sweetness by Marinski Handmades

Good morning all, I hope you had a lovely weekend! I’ve decided that I need a warm smile to kick off my Monday morning; so with that in mind, I’ve assembled a range of happy faces from Marinski Handmades in Croatia. This tableware collection is lovingly crafted and hand painted […]