Creative Cravings... Roar Like You Mean It

The majestic lion… king of the jungle… big sharp teeth, ferocious roar,  lustrous golden mane. Today theme is a celebration of my favourite big cat. Here you’ll find handmade toys, puppets, decor, and leggings. All of these guys have a quirky, friendly, and sometimes fierce appeal. I especially adore the little black and […]

Random Coolness... Raucous Raccoons!

Did you spy our theme of the week in our newsletter? It’s hard to resist the sweet little face of a fuzzy raccoon, despite their tendency towards mischief (perhaps that makes them even more adorable). I’m quite smitten with every piece in this collection, from the teeny tiny raccoon baby […]

Buy it, or DIY it? Tick, Tock...

Happy Monday my craft loving friends! It’s time to get your creative juices flowing with some super fun projects to create or covet.  Whether you prefer to buy it, or diy it, these little lovelies are sure to bring out your inner designer. I quite adore the DIY crocheted clock in the second […]