Smiley Sunday... Handcrafted Cookies!

This morning as I was wandering around the web, I stumbled across something that tickled my fancy, and my taste buds! These handcrafted creations by Sandra Arteaga are not your average cookies. They’re a true work of art. Whimsical, oddly cute and just a little bit crazy… they come in […]

Creative Cravings... Falling for Autumn

Good morning folks, tomorrow is the first day of Autumn here in Australia and this morning there is the teeniest hint of a chill in the air. I love strolling the neighbourhood around this time of year and taking in the glow of the sunset and watching the leaves transition from vibrant green […]

Fresh Baked Friday - Eye Patches are COOL!

The lovely daughter of one of my close friends has being seeing an eye specialist recently and has been instructed to wear an eye patch to heal her eye. She is most unimpressed with this situation, so this post is especially for little Miss Mia… because… EYE PATCHES ARE COOL!

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas

If you’re looking for something fun to feed the kids on Halloween, here’s a few ideas to get your hair standing on edge and your blood curdling. Of course, the grosser the better… so think eyeballs, zombies, oozing raspberry sauce and ghoulish tomato paste. Mmmm, delicious!

Brain Cupcakes by Martha Stewart