DIY Jewellery Kids by Finder Maker

These fabulous DIY jewellery kits from Finder Maker are perfect for Christmas gift (for others, or just to treat yourself). They come with everything you need to make your own jewellery, and can be customised to suit your style. Each package has enough supplies to make several necklaces, so they […]

Handcrafted Fibre Beads by Jimena's Treasures

If you’re a colour fiend, like me, you’ll certainly appreciate the heavenly hues in these handmade beads from Jimena’s Treasures in Spain. Each bead is made from a skein of yarn, hand dyed and hand formed by designer Jana, and sold in packs ready to string into a necklace or […]

Get crafty with DIY kits from Kiriki...

If you’re a crafty mum, or have some crafty kids in your household, these D.I.Y. embroidered doll starter tits from Kirikí would make a lovely gift. Each set comes with all the elements you need to start embroidering a new friend. There’s heaps of patterns available, but I’m especially fond […]

Super Fun... Play-Deco Craft Kits!

Play-Deco creates a range of paper and wood crafts that come in kit form (perforated paper and a pre-cut wood sheeting) that is ready to be assembled. Each package also includes a range of changeable facial features, so you can customise your finished toy for play. So much fun! Find them online at […]