Baking Fun... Danish Pebernødder!

I love a good opportunity to get in the kitchen and bake up some festive treats. Today our friend Gillian Rose, founder of Danish by Design, has dropped by to share her recipe for traditional Danish Pebernødder {Pepper Nuts}. The recipe is tons of fun to bake with your kids […]

Design Candy... Bamboo by Bombol Bouncer

This month, the folks at Danish by Design have released the Bamboo by Bombol seat for the first time in Australia and it is modern design candy at its best. The styling is sleek and minimalist with a lightweight frame that is highly flexible and can hold […]

GIVEAWAY - IVI Play Rug from Danish by Design

Forget scratchy, boring old rugs and uncomfortable wooden floors… these amazing IVI Play Rugs are the perfect way to transform your floors into a creative 3D landscape. There’s four designs to choose from {Farm, Formula 1, Playing Family and Traffic} in a choice of small or large rug sizes. Each rug is made […]