Australian T-shirt Tour - Doodlebug

DAY 18 – Roooooar! It’s time to introduce the King of the Jungle… re-imagined by the eco-friendly folks at Doodlebug. This tee is made from buttery soft bamboo, with a long slim cut that is designed to grow with your child over several years. We love the ethical, ecological, and […]

Doodlebug Summer 2014/15 Collection!

I’m hoping that you’ll indulge me for a moment while I share one of my new favourite designs… the doodlebug lion! Oh. My. Coolness. I love this little guy! He comes in a variety of colours, on both tees and onesies, and he is all kinds of awesome. Doodlebug have […]

KID Tested... Doodlebug Lumberjack Sloppy Joe!

I unashamedly adore bamboo fabrics for kids and just can’t get enough of the stuff! One of my favourite destinations for bamboo is doodlebug, and last week I added their Lumberjack Sloppy Joe and Blue Stripe Tights to the ever-expanding {KID} independent wardrobe. All of these designs are unisex, but […]

Designer of the Week - Doodlebug

I’m on a bit of a role this week with sustainable and stylish creations for kids. So keeping with the theme, today I’d like to introduce Tani from Queensland children’s label Doodlebug! In review today we have the Mila Bamboo Pinafore Dress, a fabulous Autumn staple for eco-fashionistas.