Easter Crafts... Bunny Treat Bags!

If you’re looking for some Easter craft ideas for the weekend, how about these delightful Easter bunny treat bags? Most of them are super simple and you can use scrap fabric, felt, paper, or cardboard from your arts & crafts box. If you’ve only got plain white paper… break out the textas and […]

Sweet, Stylish, Storage!

Hello friends… I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment, planning a minor renovation and thinking about a stylish new look for my living space that I’m hoping to coordinate over summer. I have a cute little space that could do with a few sweet storage bags, and I’ve been admiring […]

Tutorial - Make your own Pyjama Pants!

If you often swoon over the handmade delights on KID independent, wishing that you had the talent to make some beautiful creations of your own, then today is your lucky day. Our friend Amanda from Macaroon Kids has graciously shared this tutorial to help you learn how to make your […]

Peppa Pig Inspired Crafts + GIVEAWAY!

We’re big fans of Peppa Pig here in the KID independent household and with school holidays just around the corner, I’ve preemptively assembled a collection of creative Peppa Pig inspired crafts! We’ve got patterns, tutorials, treats, and online games to share, and our friends at Peppa Pig have also sent […]