A gorgeous outfit from Les Zigouis

Spied this week from our friend Barbara at Les Zigouis is an oh so lovely new outfit for little ladies. In fact, Barbara has created a whole range of new goodies for the upcoming European Autumn Winter, so be sure to stop by and check it out, however, so enamoured […]

Oddball Alphabet - Fabulously French!

Bonjour! For my first post of working week, I’ve decided to revive one of my old favourites, Oddball Alphabet! I’ve given it a little bit of a twist this month, and an educational flavour for those of you with a penchant for languages. Browse your way through a bunch of handmade delights, and […]

Les Weekend... Les Zigouis!

Today I’d like to take you on a little journey into the sublime world of Les Zigouis. Designed by Barbra Berrada, this French handmade fashion label is every bit as stylish as it is quirky. The mix-and-match pieces and whimsical styling make every outfit feel like it has wandered straight […]

Fresh Baked Friday - Bastille Day

In honour of Bastille Day {celebrated on Wednesday 14 July} I thought I’d serve up a few handmade Frenchy delights to tantalize your crafty taste buds. These are a few of my favourite french fresh baked flavours {boy, that’s a bit of a tongue twister}.

I adore this first little outfit from […]