Random Coolness... Super Cute Fruit!

Happy weekend! Today’s random coolness is all about delicious fruits… think apples, strawberries, pineapples, lemons, oranges, kiwi fruits, grapes, limes, and watermelons. Spring and summer is the best time of year for fruits, whether its a simple fruit platter, fruit kebabs, fruit pavlova, fruit flan, fruit smoothies… mmmmm, simply scrumptious!

Fresh Baked Friday... Feeling Fruity!

There are so many delicious strawberries around at the moment, I think I’ve eaten about a ton of them! They’re so great in smoothies, with ice cream, on top of cheesecakes {yum} or even on their own. I’m also a fan of zesty lemon tarts, apple crumbles, and freshly squeezed orange juice! Of […]

Feeling Fruity... Handmade Style!

Fruit has long been bullied and neglected by children across the world. The school yard is practically a death trap for a lost banana or a orange slice! Dare to sit next to a packet of twisties or a snickers bar and it’s game over buddy, target practice for you […]