Smiley Saturday... Rainbow Mittens!

These lovely multi-coloured mittens and fingerless gloves are made in Latvia by Rainbow Mittens. There’s a huge range of colourways to choose from in bright cheerful colours designed to make you smile on a chilly winter morning. It’s tough to pick out your favourites though, so if you’d like a […]

Creamy Caramel & Magnificent Mint!

So here’s the thing, I’ve kind of fallen in love with a pair of mint oxford brogues (as pictured here on the bottom left). I’m still not sure if I can pull them off, you know, style wise… so I’m honouring them with this theme while I decide if they will get along […]

Super Cute Fingerless Gloves for Kids

Wahhh! Happy Saturday sweetness folks. This adorable collection of handmade fingerless gloves for kids is made by Pomber in Budapest, Hungary. I’ve featured a pair of cuties on KID independent before, but with winter just around the corner now, I thought I’d share a few more of my favourite. I’m […]

Hand on your heart - sweet winter gloves!

We’re not even into Autumn yet here in Australia, but I think I may have just found my favourite wooly gloves of the upcoming winter season! These sweet designs are made by Yastik Izi from Istanbul and are available in a range of different colour combinations. So lovely!