Valentine's Day Cards For Your Dreamboat...

Hey folks! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. My hubby and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts, as we’ve kind of outgrown it over the years. However, we do exchange cards with a sweet message and pop open a bottle of wine once the kidlets are fast asleep in bed! Here’s a […]

Handmade Cards for Mother's Day

Today we’ve assembled a selection of handmade greeting cards for Mother’s Day, each designed by a local Australian artist/designer. There’s something sweet, something quirky, something modern, something whimsical, something monochrome, something minimal, something baked, and something letterpressed… enjoy!

1. Stepmum Card […]

Cheeky Pickle Mixed Media Art + Stationery

Hello friends. Today I’d like to introduce you to from Ali at Cheeky Pickle. Ali creates a range of paper products in her studio on the Mornington Peninsula. She specialises in mixed media, interesting textures, and her unique style of stitching onto paper. Here’s a little snapshot of her range. […]

Designer of the Week - An April Idea

Writing a letter by hand, slipping it into a beautiful kraft envelope, finishing it off with a whimsical label and a stamp and popping in a shiny red mailbox is one of life’s simple pleasures. In a world filled with technology and fast communication, it’s an art that we surely must preserve… introducing, […]