Humpty Dumpty Plays the Bass Guitar...

I LOVE music, and tend to get a bit overly excited about new releases for kids. Today my fancy was tickled by a new music video from Groove Kid Nation with a quirky take on Humpty Dumpty. Not the traditional egg, but a somewhat egg-shaped bass playing cat… hit play!

Music Review - Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation

Awwww yeah, it’s time to get moving with Rodney Lee and his team of funky L.A. musicians. Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation features a range of groovy soul tracks that’ll get your toes-a-tappin, your shoulders-a-shruggin and your booty-a-shakin.

First up, meet the band… Thelonious on […]

Music Week - Got Rhythm?

Welcome to day three of music week! Today we’ve decided to make some noise! It’s all about instruments of the world. Learn how to appreciate the grooves, beats and rhythms and try your hand a making some music yourself. If you don’t have the real thing handy… why not start a pots and […]