Little Alligator Handmade Library Bags

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the very lovely Jelaine from Little Alligator, who graciously supported a charity program KID independent was coordinating earlier this year. Jelaine creates a range of handmade library (drawstring) bags that are perfect for books, toys, clothing, gift giving, kindy gear, or just about […]

Creative Cravings... Canvas Totes!

It’s a lazy old Sunday and I’m on the hunt for a new bag for carrying books, groceries, and market finds. I’ve decided on a canvas tote, and here’s a few sweet designs that I’ve come across so far on my travels. I especially like the canvas totes with the leather handles… have […]

Handmade Leather Handbags by Liberina

Buying myself a new handbag is an end of year tradition that I’ve been cultivating for several years… I work hard, I deserve a treat (that’s what I keep on telling myself… any excuse really). So I stumbled on a few little leather lovelies from Liberina this week, and have […]

GIVEAWAY - Winnie & Clem Bag and Hat

Giveaway day is one of my favourite times of the week, and today I’m delighted to entice you with a lovely Sassy Handbag and Charlie Cap Set from Winnie & Clem. This set is handmade from pink and blue soft plaid fabric by Tanya Whelan. Winnie & Clem create a […]