We Love... My Paper Planet Party Decorations!

Family traditions, birthday celebrations, and special events are treasured in our household and we love to decorate the house and table together, and carefully wrap our gifts with lovely colours and cheerful styling. This week I had a pleasure of meeting Mara from My Paper Planet who shares my affection […]

Valentine's Day Cards For Your Dreamboat...

Hey folks! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. My hubby and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts, as we’ve kind of outgrown it over the years. However, we do exchange cards with a sweet message and pop open a bottle of wine once the kidlets are fast asleep in bed! Here’s a […]

Handmade Cards for Mother's Day

Today we’ve assembled a selection of handmade greeting cards for Mother’s Day, each designed by a local Australian artist/designer. There’s something sweet, something quirky, something modern, something whimsical, something monochrome, something minimal, something baked, and something letterpressed… enjoy!

1. Stepmum Card […]

Mother's Day @ the little card boutique!

Mother’s Day will soon be upon us, and now is a great time to start thinking about special cards and gifts! The sweet collection that you see below is from the little card boutique. These guys are all about restoring the tradition of card giving with beautiful handmade greeting cards, […]