Happy Homes with Togetherness Design...

Textile designer Esther Sandler from Togetherness Design creates a delightful range of homewares and accessories, each uniquely designed and lovingly handmade, ensuring that no two pieces are the same. I’ve developed a little bit of a crush on Esther’s lovely colour palette, and I think I might need to pick […]

Label Love... Cheep N Chic Wooden Decor

The creative crew at aptly name Cheep N Chic make a range of hand cut and hand painted wooden decor for children, that is both affordable and on trend. Featuring eye catching colours, quirky silhouettes, and cute detailing, the Cheep N Chic range allows you to fit out your kids’ […]

Meet + Greet: Bridgetown Loft

If you love to shop small, support handmade, and meet creative artists who share the same passion, then you simply must pop in and meet the lovely ladies at Bridgetown Loft. Every product in store is carefully selected, from clothing for kids and adults, to artwork, jewellery, homeware, candles, hand […]

Bear Money Box by Devine Design by Derya

Happy hump day folks… if you need a bit of a Wednesday pick-me-up, here’s a super cool product to add to your wishlist. The Bear Money Box by Devine Design by Derya is available in a range of designs, from geo print to panda markings. Devine Design make a range […]