Creative Cravings... Strawberry & Caramel!

Happy Saturday! This sweet selection of goodies is a celebration of all things strawberry and caramel… a couple of lovely hues that look absolutely charming in garments, toys, decor, and more. The initial inspiration behind this collection was the Plush Fox on the top left, which is lovingly handmade by

Designer of the Week - The Memis

This week a heavenly little box arrived at the KID household all the way from Canada. Inside was a collection of sleepy sheep from TheMemis, attached by their little pink noses as though they were kissing each other on the snouts. I sent these Sweet Dreams sheep to my very […]

Heavenly Nursery Mobiles by Jolie Petite Chose

Hello folks! Today I’ve got a few little treats for you from the Jolie Petite Chose range of handmade nursery mobiles. I was introduced to the collection this week by designer Jodie Baud and promptly fell in love with the delightful Fairy mobile {as pictured below}.

Jodie is wife […]