Jill Makes... Fabulous Handmade Jewellery!

This lovely collection of handmade jewellery by Jill Makes is so upbeat, quirky, and filled with happiness! Most of these pieces feature a handprinted element, and favour bright, bold colours designed to add some serious style to your outfit. View the full range here.

Treat Yourself... Harthorne Jewellery

Hello lovely. You’re looking absolutely stunning today. Your outfit is on point, your hair is magnificent, and your shoes are to die for. Oh, and I know you’ve been working hard; problem-solving, multi-tasking, and spreading joy wherever you go. You know what? You deserve a treat, something just for you… a massage, a […]

Made by Morton Handmade Delights...

I absolutely love the colours in this collection of handmade rock candy necklaces and bowls by Made by Morton. Each piece is completely unique and provides a fab way to liven up your outfit or your living space. The little bowls are perfect for storing precious trinkets… like your rock […]