Smiley Saturday... Meet Clamfeet

Have you guys heard of clamfeet? This little design studio is based in Los Angeles and is run by Julie, mum to Logan, and crafter of handmade shoes. The current clamfeet range features all kinds of lovely fabrics. Here’s a few of my favourites… however, if you click through to the

KID tested... Baby Shoes by Project T.Bear!

Happy Monday! I’ve had such a fun morning testing out these awesome handmade baby shoes by Project T.Bear. These guys make a range of minimalistic, modern, monochrome creations for little folk; and today we have the pure pleasure of sharing our favourite Project T.Bear product… the Signature X Bootie! Scroll […]

Sublime Sunday... Kokon Baby Shoes!

I must admit, I have a soft spot for mini shoes. They’re just so adorable that I find it very hard to be reasonable about my shoe purchases. I mean, I realise that babies really don’t need dozens of pairs of shoes… but seriously, how cute are these 100% leather shoes from Kokon […]

GIVEAWAY - All About Heidi Shoes!

Hooray! It’s giveaway day! This week we have something very special for the little ladies from our fabulous friends at all about HEIDI. One lucky reader will win their pick of any pair of all about HEIDI’s shoes! Made from soft leather in a range of modern colours, the hardest […]