KID tested... Little Dude High Tops

Hey guys! I’m a longtime fan of Kawaii Kids and love hunting through their new arrivals for stylish gems to add to my wardrobe. This month, I snapped up a pair of the Little Dude High Tops, which have recently made their return to the shelves after a sellout season in winter 2015. […]

GIVEAWAY - Win a $100 Kawaii Kids Voucher!

Have you had the pleasure of shopping at Kawaii Kids? They have a fabulous online store along with a little bricks and mortar shop in Horsham, Victoria. I’ve been a big fan for many years, and could easily max out my credit card on their adorable wares! New arrivals are […]

Sublime Sunday... Little Bear Wool Hats!

Happy Sunday! Here’s my top tip for the day… raid your piggy bank, count up all your pennies, pinch a few notes from your savings fund… and buy one of these little bear wool hats from Kawaii Kids. Holy cuteness! These things are adorable!