Fresh Baked Friday... Summer Dreams!

Well folks, it seems that we’ve zoomed around to another Friday faster than you can say “Saturday morning sleep-in”… oh yes, I’m looking forward to the weekend…. Zzzzzz!¬† To keep you smiling throughout the day I’ve got another fresh baked serving of indie goodness for you. Here are a few bits and pieces […]

Oddball Alphabet... The Letter M

We’re smack bang in the middle of the alphabet this week with the Magnificent Letter M. Angular M is a straight up and down kind of guy {on the outside} but on the inside he’s the mayor of mayhem. On Monday’s he’s merry and marvelous‚Ķ but on Friday’s he’s malicious and mean.

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A touch of kitchen nostalgia... vintage aprons!

I’ve had my eye firmly planted on these dainty and delightful aprons for sometime now but haven’t been able to settle on a favourite. I’ve put in ‘the good word’ with Santa for a certain budding chef in the family and I’m thinking something vintage and spotty would fit the […]

Olive's Friend Pop - Good Ol' Fashioned Summer

I’ve been swooning over the delicious spring summer collection from Olive’s Friend Pop all morning and thought it was only fair that I share the retro goodness with you. I suggest reading this post to the theme from Happy Days, in honour of the beautiful