KID tested... Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter!

Last week we had the pleasure of sharing a product from Thanks Mum called the OnTray. Today we’re road testing another handy invention – the Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter. This simple, fun product cuts your sandwiches into 9 bite sized sandwich pieces and is designed for toddlers […]

A touch of kitchen nostalgia... vintage aprons!

I’ve had my eye firmly planted on these dainty and delightful aprons for sometime now but haven’t been able to settle on a favourite. I’ve put in ‘the good word’ with Santa for a certain budding chef in the family and I’m thinking something vintage and spotty would fit the […]

Mini Gourmets Kitchen Kapers + Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of meeting WAHM mum of two, Natalie from Mini Gourmets. Natalie launched her online store late last year and it has since become a one-stop-shop for kids who love to cook. Never one to shy away from an explosion of flour, sugar and sprinkles, today […]