Raise Your Hand by The Not-Its!

Hey folks! Are you in the mood for some kindy power-rock from Seattle favourites The Not-Its? These guys have just released their brand new album, Raise Your Hand, and it’s jam-packed with big sounds and awesome lyrics. I like how these guys manage to deliver banging tracks without the obnoxiousness… [...]

New Music - Shy Kid Blues by Hullabaloo!

Hello friends, I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. Sunday is a great day for relaxing to some new music, so I’ve invited KID independent music reviewer and Aussie mum Julie to give us her feedback on the new album from Hullabaloo – “Shy Kid Blues”. This newly released album [...]

Brady Rymer's new album... Just Say Hi!

Hooray for Saturdays! If you’re looking for a soundtrack to accompany your weekend shenanigans, this new release from Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could is just the ticket! Firstly, the album has a big blue smiley monster on front of it… secondly, it’s jam-packed with toe-tappers to kick [...]

Putumayo Kids Presents... Australian Playground!

As lovers of music, and proud Aussies, we’re very excited today to share the brand new release from Putumayo Kids: Australian Playground! The album features ten catchy tracks from Indigenous artists and singer-songwriters and mixes good old fashioned storytelling with cheerful beats and Aussie twang. Scroll down to win a [...]