Happiest Cake on Earth... Rainbow Doodle!

It’s not hard to get excited over cake. It’s generally delicious and filled with all sorts of fabulous naughtiness. However, this Rainbow Doodle Cake from Sweetapolita takes cake envy to a whole new level. Can you imagine serving this up at a child’s birthday party? I would imagine it would […]

Fresh Baked Freebies... Sweet Download!

Good morning friends. Do you have a birthday party coming up shortly? Looking for some super stylin’ invitations that won’t cost you a sweet penny? Well, except for the printing costs… and the ink… but it’s worth it to have these babies flying off the old Epson. Fabulously talented illustrator […]

Cake Bunting by Twirling Betty

If there’s one thing that never fails to get me excited, it’s a party! The planning, the anticipation, the CAKE! This week whilst perusing some handmade goodness on Madeit, I came across these beauties from Twirling Betty… I especially love the retro feel of the Betty and Edgar cake.

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Fresh Baked Friday... Allergy Riders

Hello Friends! Ready for the weekend? Since it’ll be a madhouse around here for Easter next weekend I’ve decided that I deserve a whole day {or at least an afternoon} of lounging around on the back deck reading a book, so that’s about as far as I my plans extend! For today’s feature, […]